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Rare Car Collection & the Collectors List

Each car collector on this page has a history of collecting cars and has the resources to sustain their pricey pastime. And for others, the parallels end there. This collection of the wackiest vehicle catalogs in the world includes alphabetized by the collector’s first name and is not rated. This list covers vehicle catalogs spanning four continents, albeit most of them are located in the United States.

  1. Craig Jackson

  • The United States is the primary nation of residency
  • Notable automobiles include the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 and the 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby EXP 500.

The CEO of the Barrett-Jackson auctioneers, which offers rare cars, is Craig Jackson. Near a Parade Valley, Arizona factory, Jackson stores his collection of about 30 automobiles.

  1. Dmitry Lomakov

The estimated 120 vehicles owned by Russian tycoon Dmitry Lomakov are housed in a museum. Dmitry Lomakov, a businessman from Russia, keeps 120 automobiles at a museum that are thought to have been produced in Russia.

  1. Floyd Mayweather

  • The United States is the primary nation of residency.
  • Notable automobiles include the LaFerrari Aperta, Aston Martin One-77, Bugatti Chiron, and Bugatti Veyron.

The heavyweight boxer has an estimated $15 million worth of cars in his collection. It has been claimed that he used suitcases of cash to buy many of his automobiles.

  1. George Foreman

  • The United States is the primary nation of residence

George Foreman, a two-time heavyweight world champion, owns a collection of nearly 50 vehicles. Foreman claims his favorite vehicle is a 1977 VW Beetle since it represents his humble beginnings.

  1. Gerard Lopez

  • Luxembourg is the primary residence nation
  • Notable automobiles: Ferrari FF, Ferrari 330 GT, Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II

Venture entrepreneur Gerard Lopez owns the Lotus F1 Team. He has a collection of more than 100 automobiles close to his workplace in Luxembourg.

  1. Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

  • Brunei is the primary country of residence
  • Notable automobiles include the Ferrari Mythos, a Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, and a custom gold-plated Silver Spur limousine.

The Sultan’s collection is thought to contain somewhere between 2,000 and 7,000 rare, expensive, vintage, and one-of-a-kind historic automobiles. But a majority of it is now in poor condition.

  1. Ion Tiriac

  • Romania is the main nation of residency.
  • Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, and a Porsche 911 Special Series are notable automobiles.

Ion Tiriac, a retired professional tennis player, ice hockey player, businessman, and banker, has over 250 vehicles in his collection, which spans the modern and exotic to the ancient. His collection is displayed at a location outside of Bucharest for public inspection.


As the list suggests, we made modifications based on what we learned as we dug more into the topic. The models we eventually settled on were heavily influenced by the fact that we were extremely conscious that we intended our selection to cover the whole timeline of the automobile to depict its progress.